harry potter & fall feels

Today is September 1, 2017. And if you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me, you’re freaking out about it.

For those not aware: today marks the timeline-approved date that Deathly Hallows’ “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue would have taken place. And I know the actual 20 year anniversary of HP was only a month ago. And maybe it’s a little strange to get extra sentimental about a fictional date in a story epilogue than you were over a real-life milestone. But there’s just something about…September? I don’t know. It’s just always been that way for me.

Growing up, 1) I was a quiet nerd who loved Harry Potter and 2) I was obsessed with fall and the start of the new school year. I loved school. I hated the aimless feeling I got from summer break. And the excitement of magic and learning and fall always came together in HP, every time Harry would board the fictional train on September 1st. And honestly, Rowling just as a way of writing those perfect fall vibes — like in the start of Deathly Hallow’s epilogue:

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple, and as the little family bobbed across the rumbling road towards the great sooty station, the fumes of car exhausts and the breath of pedestrians sparkled like cobwebs in the cold air.

Ugh. Childhood feels.

Like Harry, I felt like September always meant a fresh start. It meant anything was possible, there was adventure around the corner, that my favorite time of the year was here and I was finally, finally happy. Even though I’m now graduated and no longer have “back to school” days to look forward to (and I could write a whole post on that alone), having this anniversary and my post-grad status collide felt a bit unique.

I was a bit sad. But also a bit optimistic. And even though the schedule of my life takes a different form these days, that same swell of energy hit me like before. Waking up today, at the end of a hard August, I found myself actually smiling. I turned to my boyfriend and was like, “Hey. Guess what? September is gonna be my month.”

I plan on sticking to that.

Happy “Nineteen Years Later” anniversary, everybody. ✌🏻


unlearning how to write

It’s only been three months since I graduated, but it already feels like a million years. My life’s now a spinning cycle of retail work and internship hours and awkward bus rides with an old dude two seats down who won’t stop staring. Fun stuff. Hard to believe a few weeks ago my life consisted of sorority events and essays I was definitely procrastinating on. But even though I suffering from senioritis and thought I’d thrown all my cares out the window…I think school affected me more in the long run than I was expecting.

Which sounds totally stupid off the bat. Of course five years of college affects you! I learned so much from higher education and to say I’ve “changed” since freshmen year would be an understatement. But its one thing to have more knowledge and more skills after your degree. A thing you don’t expect?

Your creativity getting messed with.

I assume most of you reading this post are bloggers yourselves, or at the very least are “creative” kinda people (be it writing, music, whatever). And if you’re a creative person, you know how deeply connected you are to that special side of yourself. Imagination is a crazy, personal, wonderful thing. …But professors aren’t always down with crazy and personal.

Following a syllabus. Sticking to outlines. Having the same 5 paragraph essay or Buzzfeed style listicle. I loved my college and learned a lot of great things from my classes, but after years of writing exactly what your teachers wanted, how do you remember what you want?

I knew all of this in theory. But it didn’t become obvious until I started writing this blog. Here I was, with no rubric to follow, and half the time I didn’t even know where to begin. It was a wild feeling since I’ve always loved expressing myself and literally got a concentration in creative writing. But almost felt uncomfortable to put something out there that wasn’t totally ~neatly organized~.

It was then I realized I had to unlearn how to write — which was a weird way of putting it, but true all the same. I had to strip away all the years of being told how to act, how to talk, how to be creative if I really wanted to get my own voice back. It’s been an awkward, uncomfortable process at times and I’m def still slowly changing. But if you aren’t being true to yourself, what’s the point of writing in the first place?

I’m hardly a blogging vet and I have only been doing this for a few months now, but I feel like the struggle with voice is something anyone can relate to. So don’t be afraid to change what you think you should write for what you want to write. And the more you get in touch with that original spark inside you, the easier it gets.

Practice makes perfect.

Sorry for the unedited rant this week, but this stuff was buzzing in my head and had to get it off my chest! If you’ve ever been in the same headspace, know you’re not alone. And if not, keep letting your brain do whatever hell it wants to do. Good on you. 👌🏻


7 twitterbots to make your feed happy

Twitter is my fav social media app, and I think part of it’s because of the culture. If you’re on Twitter you know what I’m talking about. Sure, there’s plenty of crazies like any other site, but there’s so many hidden niches that I always love discovering. And right now? I’m totally obsessed with the cutest little Twitter bots you ever did see.

For those who don’t know: Twitter bots are accounts that are programed to send out automated messages every couple hours. Back in the day I thought the only bots were the annoying ones that send you creepy DMs asking for personal info (#spam). But thank God the world caught up and decided to make something x10000 times better. Take a look at these and let them bless your feed with adorable:

1. little positivity reminders // @tinycarebot

Tiny Care Bot is kinda the OG “self care bot” on Twitter (and made by the fabulous Jonny Sun). The account tweets you reminders throughout the day, ranging from water intake to asking you to wiggle your toes. I love the variety of little comments they come up with and how that keeps things feeling fresh. It’s also so nice how the tweets always say “please” and are asking so politely — I’m a sucker for the details, ok?? (*sniffsniff*)

2. pretty pastel mountains // @softlandscapes

I’d like to take a moment and thank the wonderful world of technology for using its vast resources and knowledge of humanity…to make pretty pixel mountains for my Twitter feed. Idk how they even do it but the Soft Landscapes account generates gentle pastel landscapes that change size, color, etc every day. Some combos are def better than others (and its fun lol’ing at the strange ones). But finding my “favorites” and giving them a like always feels weirdly satisfying, like I’ve stumbled across my own special watercolor painting.

3. hidden pictures // @tinydotbot

Shoutout to anyone who’s taken a random Psych 101 class and inevitably talked about those funky Rorschach tests. This account is pretty much the Twitter version. And even though we all learned that ink blots are pretty much useless when it comes to actual psychology…that doesn’t stop these tweets from being totally addicting??? Some are more “obvious” than others (like the butterfly one up above) but its still fun to have a guessing game with yourself and/or get in a fight with your friend over what the “REAL” answer is.

4. sailor moon throwbacks // @sailormbot

Any Sailor Moon fans? Admittedly I didn’t get to watch as much as I wanted to growing up – I got vetoed by my brother / Dragon Ball Z instead – but I was always in love with those transformation scenes (#classic). They’re shiny. And colorful. And I maybe still want to be a magical space girl even though I’m twenty-freaking-three. If you too wanna relive those anime glory days, hop on over to this account and get your daily dose of Sailor Moon. 10/10 satisfaction guaranteed.

5. pretty pixel skies // @tiny_star_field

Following the space theme… Here’s a few more stars! Try to find your own constellations or just enjoy the randomness — it’s all up to you. The account calls them “star windows” and each tweet is unique. These always seem extra cute when I’m scrolling down my feed at night for some reason. It’s like having your own bit of the night sky on your phone.

6. a personal aquarium // @emojiaquarium

I was pretty far down the Twitter bot rabbit hole when I stumbled across this one, but apparently I’ll always be a sucker for emoji-themed accounts. As you can probably tell from the screenshot, Emoji Aquarium randomizes all your favorite fish and plant emojis to make a tiny little tank for your feed! I’m also the type to get weirdly excited when a “rare” diamond or treasure-themed post pops up. That’s probably a sign I need to get out more (oops) but either way this account is nautically adorable.

7. animal crossing love // @anicrossing

And last but not least… The perfect bot for all your nerdy self-care needs. I’m a total fangirl for Animal Crossing so this had to make my list. And if you’re an AC fan like me, you’ll totally love all the cute GIFs and posts featuring your favorite animals and quiet village life. Honestly I could write a whole post on why Animal Crossing is great for your mental health, but this little bot will do in the meantime! (Spoiler: this is my def my favorite account of the entire list)

Any other Twitter bots you’re in love with? Did you know non-spammy Twitter bots even existed before this post?? (I barely did.) Go show these accounts some love if they caught your eye!


healthy tips for tired girls

We’ve all been in unhealthy ruts. Maybe it’s a bad day, or maybe it’s been a hard month, but sometimes just getting out of bed is the closest you can get to “normal.” I’ve seen some lists where they frame their advice as “healthy tips for lazy girls!” But that’s not quite accurate. Sometimes you’re not lazy — you’re just mentally or physically struggling. And that can be exhausting

So to fight off those blues, I made a quick list of four easy things you can do even when you’re in a funk. The list has some things for home and some for being out and about, so read along and take things at your own pace:

1. Drink water.

Come on. You knew this was coming.

Even though “drink more water” is on pretty much every health list ever, I think it’s extra important to think about if you’re dealing with chronic tiredness. Dehydration can quickly sneak up and leave you pretty much wilting. And the worst part? All those energy drinks we often chug to “fix” the problem (sigh) usually make things worse.

If you’re having a rough day and there’s only one tip you can follow, try doing this one by grabbing a glass of water. Just place it by your bed or wherever you’re relaxing. And your water intake gets even easier with a handy bottle to keep it in! I personally like bottles with soft spouts – like the Camelbak ones here – since you can just sip away for the rest of the day without worrying about spills.

2. Buy frozen veggies.

After the “drink more water” section, it makes sense I’m coming to the “eat healthy” option. Buttttttt let’s be honest: eating healthy is easier said than done. I logically know that when I’m in a bad mood I should be eating something with nutrients to help pep me up. But when you’re super tired, cooking a big meal is the last thing you want to do.

My tired girl solution: get frozen veggies! While all fruits and veggies can help your body out, I say “frozen” in particular because you can save them up for whenever your tired times hit you. And fun fact: contrary to what you might have heard, frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh ones. They’re super versatile and I always feel a bit better knowing I’m eating something that helps my body. Even on your most exhausting days, you can just whip up a packet of instant rice or pasta, throw in some veggies, and know you’re making a good decision.

3. Download a relaxing app.

If the world outside just seems like too much, you can start making progress from right inside your own bedroom. An easy step without much effort is to download mental health related apps.

I don’t know if it’s because people are more open about mental health these days, but the app store has more options than you’d expect. While there are plenty to try out – and I may even make a app round-up post sometime – my personal favorite is myNoise. It’s a sound generator with everything from calm nature tracks to gentle rain effects. And one of the best parts is how you can literally go in there and custom edit the specific tones and qualities all you want — and all for free.

As for physical health, there’s other great options to keep you in check, like water trackers or self check-ins (one of which I review over here). Taking some time to get in touch with your body always pays off and it’s all easy to access from your phone.

4. Think of something you want – and walk to it.

This one is my personal favorite since I’m a total homebody. It’s sometimes a bit to easy to forget about the simple things that can make you feel better…like, well, the outdoors. And moving. And sunlight. But since this post is about us tired girls, this is an easy option that doesn’t involve running a mile or heading to the gym. Heck, you can go walking in your sweatpants if you really wanna.

First step? Pick a place or a thing that would make you happy. I talk about this personal technique a bit in another post, but a self-care tip I enjoy is thinking of one activity that would make me happy, right in that moment, and quickly knocking it out.

Perhaps you’re feeling a Starbucks run? Or maybe you just head to the local park and take in the fresh air? I’m lucky enough to live in a city with great weather year around, so it’s always nice to take a walk outside and (slowly) get moving. You don’t need a crazy workout routine to start making healthy changes. Sometimes just enjoying the world outside your house is enough to put your mind in a better direction.

Being tired out is never fun, but some of these tricks making staying healthy a bit easier. Do you have any tips for staying healthy even when you’re low on energy? Let me know and share the love. 😘