dream christmas wish list

dream christmas wish list

I already have an obsession with making lists and Christmas doesn’t help that. Cold weather means I gotta bullet out the wintery blog ideas. Write down the holiday itinerary. And, most importantly, organize that massive wish list.

To be honest, me making a fancy Christmas wish list is a bit of a joke because 1) I’m a desperately poor post-grad and 2) my parents would just look at it like “lol no.” But that never stops a girl from dreaming. Even though I’m nowhere near an income bracket that could afford any of these things, here’s my list of items I wish Santa would bless me with.

1) Apple Watch

I feel like the Apple Watch kinda embodies “high tech thing that I definitely don’t need but really want anyway.” Like, what does it do that our phones can’t already (within reason)? Why do we still want more? Our phones already control our lives so why does this thing even exist??

Apple and their marketing has me hook line and sinker — my MacBook and iPhone are testaments to that. Between that dreamy display and super-sleek look there’s something so freakin’ classy. Instantly makes a girl look like a savvy fashionista.

I lowkey like to imagine rocking a bright white manicure while flipping around my rose gold Apple Watch on my wrist and being sophisticated af. Ugh. Someday. Maybe.

2) North Face zip-up

This is probably the most “practical” thing on this list (especially following up an Apple Watch). At my college pretty much every girl would rock one of these during winter, paired up with matching black Lulus and Nike Frees. Sure, literally everyone made jokes about how that was the “basic girl uniform.”

But that didn’t stop me from wanting it. Sigh.

I still have war flashbacks to looking up prices for these damn jackets though. Hundreds of dollars? For a basic black zip-up??? To this day I don’t get why the hell they’re so expensive when I can get close to the same thing at WalMart for, like, $10.

At least this year I got a pretty stylish knockoff version from a Bass Factory Outlet on Black Friday. But I’d still love the original version some day…

3) Kate Spade bag

Next on the list of Things Sinéad Didn’t Know Were Crazy Expensive Until She Tried To Go Buy One: a Kate Spade bag. I’ve always loved the cute, polished look of all Kate Spade things, but being the daughter of a total tomboy, I knew next to nothing about ~name brand culture~

So color me surprised when I went to go pick out a little bag for myself online. 1) I didn’t know that there were so many different names for bags? Did I want a “satchel”? A “cross body”? I legit still don’t know what category I’m even in, but everything on that website is still to die for.

My dream would be a small light brown purse with a shoulder strap, preferably with some piping down the corners so it sits upright easily. I’m still stalking the purse section of Target each day looking for a dupe. Buttttt no such luck.

4) Ridiculously unnecessary espresso machine

So as the bio section of pretty much all my social media explains…I’m kinda a coffee addict. I’ve been trying to cut things down to one cup a day lately, but that’s been to limited results. Oops.

While I’m currently married to my Keurig because I’m always running late and need that quick caffeine fix, I would die to someday get a legit set up. I was a barista for, like, two months in early college, but I swear all my barely existent training would come flying back to me the second I touched an actual espresso machine.

I consistently daydream about living that Stay At Home Blogger™ life and making myself a cute little drink every morning in my clean, well-lit kitchen. But in the meantime, I guess I’ll have to enjoy my Christmas Blend KCups next to my sink full of last night’s dishes.

That wraps up my list of things I wish would be under the tree this year. Hopefully all your Christmas wish lists come true!