getting your mojo back

getting your mojo back


This was originally supposed to be a totally different post (which will still be coming in a day or two!) but I felt really motivated and couldn’t resist typing up them feels.

For a general update that doesn’t matter to many people except me: I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR CUT YESTERDAY. It was the first time in literally a year (!!) and I am so, so happy all that fried length is finally gone. Long story short, I basically couldn’t afford to get a nice cut from a good salon (#PoorCollegeKidProbs) and didn’t want to risk a big chop with anyone else. But after getting my post-grad a month and a half ago I finally had the cash to spare.

I’ll pop in a little before and after comparison to give you guys an idea. But yeah, I got a solid 8 or so inches (maybe more?) gone. And thank goodness – my hair was so dead that the stylist cutting it literally called it his “good deed for the week.”

This might sound dramatic, but having such long, dead, annoying hair for months on end was weirdly effecting my mental health / self-esteem. Like it wasn’t anything crazy – I wasn’t having panic attacks about it – but I felt so freaking trapped by it that saying goodbye was like “helloooooo, freedom!” I’m literally lighter, both mentally and physically. It’s been fantastic.

Unsurprisingly, after waking up this morning with my new hair, I was still in a really good mood. I woke up three hours before I had to, made some tea, watched some YouTube while the sun rose (shout out to Tanya Burr’s A+ short hair tutorial), and felt really, really positive.

Which is kinda saying a lot, because these last couple weeks haven’t been easy. I talked about this in my September “Dear Diary,” but my boyfriend and I’s landlord spontaneously decided to sell. After frantic house searching, it looks like I’ll have to un-move-in with my boyfriend and instead move back home. All this put me hella outta wack and my stress levels went back to their August / I-am-chronically-unemployed-and-slowly-dying state. No bueno.

But today? Wow. Can really a stupid hair cut change so much, or is something else happening in my head too? I’ve felt so motivated to tackle the day, work hard, make money, push for the change I want to see. Watching my favorite YouTubers always puts me in that #BossGirl mode anyway, but I feel so ready to put myself together and face all my challenges. I think there’s the added bonus of my freelance writing going well and my editor loving my most recent article (yay!), so things are going well on that front.

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all? Maybe all it takes is a little push in the right direction.

WELL. I’ve def rambled enough for one personal post – especially since my last one was literally my personal monthly update, haha… We’ll see if I even have the guts to post something so lame after I edit this in a few hours, BUT IF SO I hope you’re all doing well and find your own ways to get your spirits up~

PS: Happy Mean Girls Day (; #ItsOctober3rd