dear diary | autumn reflections

dear diary | autumn reflections

Hey, everyone! After my blog decided to randomly go haywire for a few days (thanks, self-hosting) I’m finally back in business.

While I was planning out my next few weeks’ posts, I decided I wanted to start doing monthly reflections. I know I’m not the first blogger in the world to come up with this, haha… But after all the craziness that’s happened recently I wanted a way to just document life and be open with you guys.

Welcome to Episode 1 ✨

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September, 2017

If August was a month of standstill, September was a month of massive change. I went from being unemployed since graduation to working both a retail job and a newspaper internship all while moving house. It was honestly a hard adjustment.

It’s been nice cuz I desperately needed the money, but switching from laying in bed all day / dealing with mental health shit to working 6 days a week was kinda wild. I still remember how bad my back hurt my first few days working at the boutique. I wasn’t used to standing for hours on end since I’d rarely left my bed for the whole month before that. It all worked out in the end, but it felt like my physical “growing pains” were kind of matching my mental ones.

My internship is the main thing keeping me motivated / mentally alive right now. It’s the one part of my week where I actually feel like I’m moving forward with my career. I’m mainly doing editing work and a bit freelance writing for them on the side, but I love being able to sharpen my skills and learn new things. I can spend hours at the office and have time happily slip by. A little bit different than the boutique job…but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

September wasn’t a change for only me, though. It also meant back to school for a ton of my friends (especially since I rushed as a third year transfer, so most of my pledge class just started senior year). I was a bit sad watching recruitment and bid night slip by without me. But we all grow up I guess. Greek life was a great chapter of college career while it lasted — and it’s always fun stalking all the Insta gossip. (;

Either way it’s not like I’ll never see my friends and fam again. I was able to go downtown with my old roomies / sisters a few weeks ago and attend some 21st birthdays. I’ve had some fun with work, too, since for my internship I get to attend local events and do write ups on them.

Just today I got to check out a little Oktoberfest gig. Let’s find out if I can turn a bunch of drunk old people wandering between tents into an interesting article. #help

Despite all the great things that happened this past month – finally working, seeing friends after summer, getting more blog traffic – the last week or so had some downsides. It turns out that Teyvon and I’s landlord is selling the property (even though I just moved in last month…long story). We’ve been frantically looking around for housing. But since we’ll no longer have the great deal we had for this place, well…

It looks like I’ll be moving back home.

Which isn’t a huge deal. It’s just a half hour away from our current college city. And we’re high school sweethearts / are both from the same hometown, so I know we’ll be able to see each other often. It just really sucks that we finally, finally were able to move in together (after 5 1/2 years of dating, yeesh) and now have to move apart again. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I’m living with Teyvon it just feels right. Part of me is missing when I don’t wake up next to him. Ugh.

I don’t want to end on a sad note though. Despite the plot twist the end of September brought, I still accomplished so much in 4 weeks. I can’t help but think back on my “fall feels” post from September 1st and how I was so determined to make this month amazing. And while things haven’t turned out quite as I expected, I’m still just as optimistic as I was then.

There’s a lot to look forward too. October’s gonna be great because I freakin’ say so ✌🏻