5 youtube streams to relax with

5 youtube streams to relax with

There’s something really satisfying about live streams. It feels awesome that someone, somewhere, maybe on the other side of the planet, is watching and hearing the exact same things as you right this second.

While there’s plenty of live streams popping up around YouTube these days (even vloggers are getting into them now), I think some of the most helpful ones are for relaxation. The perks? They literally never stop playing. And if that wasn’t convenient enough, streams (by their nature) pick constant new content for you — perfect for those days you’re just staring at Spotify and can’t choose a playlist.

Whether you’re studying, meditating, or trying some self-calming techniques, there’s probably a live stream that can help you out. Here’s some of my favs!

1. Earth From Space

As I’m literally typing this there’s a cool International Space Station astronaut dude who’s adjusting the feed camera while he’s trying to move around some lock…thing. He’s turned the camera around for a bit, looks at it, smiles at everyone watching, and then kept adjusting whatever needed fixing.

It was pretty dope.

Besides being stoked that I got to see in live time the reflection of Earth off of an astronaut’s bubble helmet, this feed is really good for zoning out. Feeling stressed? Just watch our tiny blue planet quietly hover in space, little wisps of white clouds floating across it. All of my problems feel small when I get to see the world from that view.

2. Lofi Hip Hop Radio

This stream pretty much got me through senior year of college. I’d never even heard of “lofi” until this popped up in my recommended videos, but I’m so freakin’ grateful it did.

For those who don’t know, lofi stands for “low-fidelity.” What that pretty much means is that the music has a slight “low quality” sound to it, via either a subtle background humming, popping, or other little distortions. Think like someone playing an old record from the back of your parents’ closet. And I won’t dive too much into the psychology of it, but a lot of people find the gentle hums calming (or maybe just appreciate a “vintage” sorta sound).

The music’s mainly instrumental – a must for all my study playlists – and has a kind of chill, almost hypnotic vibe. If you’re ever up at 2am panic writing an essay, I’d suggest giving this stream a look!

3. Tropical Life Radio

This one’s definitely the most upbeat on this list, but everyone has different ways they like to relax! As you could probably tell from the title, this stream is full of summery, happy dance / house music.

Probably not the best choice if you’re trying to fall asleep at night, but def a good option if you’re bopping around your room or want a little pick-me-up! It could work as background music at a party or even just as a little motivation as you clean your house.

If the end of summer has you sad and fall isn’t your thing, this channel will bring back all your favorite warm weather memories.

4. Rainy Jazz 24/7

Like I tweeted out a few days ago: “Rain, coffee, and #AnimalCrossing is my ultimate aesthetic tbh ☕️☔️”. While this doesn’t have the Animal Crossing factor (although there’s an app that plays Animal Crossing music on your browser!) it has pretty much everything else. Bless.

The video background is a close up of a rain-splattered window with little droplets trickling down. Combine that with the soft, moody feel of the pianos and acoustic guitars playing and you have a perfect relaxation mix. If jazz or bossa nova is your jam, then you’ll love this 24/7 stream.

5. Studio Ghibli Café Music

I know there’s a stereotype that every introvert’s dream happy place is in a little café on a quiet day while they enjoy their favorite warm drink. And, uh, I can’t really fight that one. That’s pretty much my ideal life right there, so just add in some Studio Ghibli music and I’m good to freakin’ go.

I love anything produced by Studio Ghibli and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service is pretty much still my life role model. The beautiful art in these movies is only rivaled by the amazing soundtracks, so having it all collected in once place is so, so nice.

The entire stream is just soft, café-esque covers of your favorite songs. Even if you’ve never watched anything Studio Ghibli in your life, you’ll still appreciate this gentle playlist.

For the record, even though all of these streams are live as I’m writing this post, they will probably end somewhere down the line. If that’s the case, feel free to either rewatch the “regular video” version of these links or check out what else the channels are putting out! I’m sure at least one of them will be actively streaming something you’ll love. ❤️

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  • This is such a great list! I’ve been wanting to find more relaxing things on Youtube but I was never really sure where to start other than ASMR. I’ll definitely check all of these out!

    Amanda | http://www.poppyseeder.com/

    • I’m always surprised about how much is hiding around YouTube, you just gotta know where to look! ❤️

  • Ciara O’Doherty

    These are a really cool idea!
    I like the sound of the Earth from space one, that sounds right up my street!

    Ciara | http://www.teatimewithciara.com

    • The NASA live feed is def one of my favs! Super calming

  • Thank you so much for sharing these, I love reading new things to listen to, Tropical Life Radio and Studio Ghibli Cafe Music sound like my kinda stuff so I’ll be checking them out for sure!

    Abs x

    • Glad I could help! Tropical Life and the Ghibli Cafe ones are pretty different, but both great moods to get into (: