bath & body works fall candle haul

bath & body works fall candle haul

Yeahhh. It happened. I caved and bought a bunch of new autumn candles even though I definitely haven’t used up the ones already chillin’ on my nightstand. I work at a downtown boutique and Bath & Body Works is literally three doors down from my store. Every day I can smell it, guys. It’s sweet, sweet torture. Had about 20 minutes to kill before my shift the other day and, well… This happened. Oops.

Lucky for me it was also payday. Unlucky for me they had a sale and I have zero self control. I was only going to buy a couple, but then convinced myself I needed a few more for “a well-rounded blog post” (#help). Spending $40+ on candles wasn’t ideal but at least my house is smelling awesome for the rest of the year.

After sniffing my way through the entire store, here are my top three autumn candles so your house can smell just as great. 👌🏻

Sunlit Cedar

I couldn’t tell by the in-store display if Sunlit Cedar was actually part of the fall lineup, but 1) the B&BW site seems to think so and 2) I love this candle too much to care.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the white and blue marble packaging was what first drew me to it. But beyond being #aesthetic, it smells perfectly heavenly.It’s a very light scent — which I’m actually really ok with. A lot of the fall and winter scents tend to be heavy and dark so it’s nice to get some variety. You can burn it for hours at a time without smoking all your roommates out. Yay! And what’s the point of an autumnal candle if you can’t burn it for outrageous amounts of time and live out all your Pinterest dreams?

The description lists the fragrance notes as “fresh cut cedar, eucalyptus, and cypress leaves.” There’s a gentle, woody tone that almost smells vaguely perfumey. It kinda reminds me of a soft body mist and gives off some watery vibes (think classic spa-themed scents). It’s not too overwhelming and works as a nice candle to start the day. I’ve been burning it on foggy mornings as I make my tea and sit down to write blog posts, soooo if that’s your jam I’d suggest checking it out.


We got a classic right here that I’m sure already has a million blog posts. But how could I pass it up? To be perfectly honest, a lot of the food-inspired candles usually get too sickly sweet for me. But Autumn lives up to its name and the hype by being a perfect middle ground.

If Cedar was the light candle, this one is a solid medium. I started by burning it in the bedroom and it filled up the space a lot quicker than I thought, even though it’s not a really in-your-face scent. The notes are described as “bright red gala apple, juicy fig, eucalyptus leaf, and fir balsam.” And even though I’ve never ate a fig in my life and only pretend to know what “balsam” actually means, Autumn is a perfect blend of bright yet subtle.

On first sniff the candle is more soft and gentle. But after burning for a bit, I quickly realized how much the apple stands out with it’s sweetness. The other scents play in for a nice, smooth background. But the apple sneaks in there for an unexpected, kitchen-y kick. The packaging features a sun-dappled country road lined by colorful trees, and I’d say that “sun-dappled” image is well suited for the scent. It’s a bit more alive than the Sunlit Cedar and those juicy apple tones make a good midday smell. Been burning it mainly when I get home from work. It reminds me of baking on a quiet day with golden sunset, so it always puts me in a good mood.

Autumn Woods

Lowkey almost didn’t buy this one just cuz, well, I already had one candle literally named “Autumn.” It felt a bit weird having two so closely named? But then I was like “no, Sinéad, you can’t resist how this candle literally smells like a freshly showered man about to go clubbing and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while he awkwardly grinds on you.” So I bought it. And as confirmed by my only other female roommate, it does smell like hot guy.

As you could probably guess, Autumn Woods is a musky scent. It’s the heaviest of the three I bought and I’d suggest either burning it in a well-ventilated room or accepting the fact that soon everything will smell like a middle school locker room filled with Axe. Don’t worry though! As long as you don’t overdo it and burn the candle forever, it’s just the right amount of musk.

As for the official description, B&BW lists it as “dark walnut, English lavender, and white amber.” It’s a very full scent that manages to stay not too overwhelming. The lavender balances the other two out. If you’re in the States like me, I’d probably most accurately describe it as that classic Hollister / Abercrombie kind of scent (unless they have stores in other countries too? Honestly I’m so clueless). It’s a moodier kind of autumn smell that’s well matched by the dark wood packaging on the tin. Perfect for either snuggling by the fire or seducing your favorite human. You know. Whichever one’s more on your autumn itinerary.

That’s it for my Bath & Body Works haul! My wallet is sad but my nose is happy, so I like to think it all worked out in the end. …We’ll see if next payday turns out the same. 👀

  • I’ve been really into candles lately. I can’t lie, I’ve actually purchased a few seasonal candles, which is a first for me. However, bath and body works usually has some heavenly candles. I think I would like sunlit cedar the most. Autumn Woods seems a bit too musky for me.


    • Yeah, the Autumn Woods one really isn’t for the faint of heart! It doesn’t smell quite as strong when unlit but after burning it reaaaaally spreads.

      Sunlit Cedar is definitely a winner though! Although honestly anything from their White Barn line you can’t go wrong with

  • When you start buying candles, you just can’t stop, am I right?! I absolutely love the Hollister/Abercrombie scents (even if that makes me a basic white girl hahaha) so the B&BW Autumn Woods candle sounds right up my street! The packaging of the White Barn candle is just stunning as well, I would even just use it as an ornament haha! Fab post, thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 😘

    • I feel like back in the day I hated those Hollister / Abercrombie scents but now, 10 years later, they just make me really nostalgic??? Hahaha, life plot twist 😂

  • Amy

    These are all so gorgeous! Love your pictures of them as well x

    • Thank you! There’s so many good choices at Bath & Body Works (and they’re all beautiful!) but these are def my favorites (:

  • All the candles sound amazing! And your pictures are beautiful! I love fall so much. Mostly for candles and cosy jumpers! xx corinne

    • Aww, thank you! Trying to work with my annoying iPhone (until I can save up for a REAL camera) but glad they’re not horrendous 😅 Hope you’re enjoying your cozy fall stuff! Here in California it decided to be 88 degrees this week so let’s hope summer says goodbye soon lol

  • Kitty Banks

    I’m desperate for that Autumn Woods based on the moody packaging alone… I bought a new candle today after swearing yesterday my spending for the month was over, but it smells like chai tea and it has cute little spooky Halloween drawings on the packaging, so I couldn’t resist! I’m so glad we’re finally into proper cosy candle season.

    • Honestly I’m such a sucker for packaging. It’s a small miracle that I didn’t buy half the store, especially the honey-scented candles with tiny little cartoon bees on them 😭 And yes, SO happy that candle season is here!!

  • Maria 🇬🇧🇷🇺

    I’ve never been a massive candle person (I get scared about burning down the house knowing how clumsy I am lol) but that marble packaging is just perfect! And the ‘freshly showered man’ comparison made my day. Definitely want to go buy all of these!

    Have a great Saturday xox

    • Who DOESN’T love the smell of a freshly showered man (; Haha but yeah, glad you enjoyed reading! And isn’t that marble packaging amazing? I now want a little slab the same color for any flatlays I do

  • Jess △⃒⃘ ⚯͛

    I’ve only recently gotten into candles (always feared of burning the house down, lol) and I’ve never tried Bath and Body works candles. I’m not even sure if we have one in the UK, but these sounds devine! I’ll definitely be keeping a look out.

    Jess x

    • Unfortunately I don’t think they’re in the UK, but I’ve seen a few “dupe” blog posts floating around! Although in my opinion the originals are worth the shipping 😂 And welcome to the candle life!