harry potter & fall feels

harry potter & fall feels

Today is September 1, 2017. And if you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me, you’re freaking out about it.

For those not aware: today marks the timeline-approved date that Deathly Hallows’ “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue would have taken place. And I know the actual 20 year anniversary of HP was only a month ago. And maybe it’s a little strange to get extra sentimental about a fictional date in a story epilogue than you were over a real-life milestone. But there’s just something about…September? I don’t know. It’s just always been that way for me.

Growing up, 1) I was a quiet nerd who loved Harry Potter and 2) I was obsessed with fall and the start of the new school year. I loved school. I hated the aimless feeling I got from summer break. And the excitement of magic and learning and fall always came together in HP, every time Harry would board the fictional train on September 1st. And honestly, Rowling just as a way of writing those perfect fall vibes — like in the start of Deathly Hallow’s epilogue:

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple, and as the little family bobbed across the rumbling road towards the great sooty station, the fumes of car exhausts and the breath of pedestrians sparkled like cobwebs in the cold air.

Ugh. Childhood feels.

Like Harry, I felt like September always meant a fresh start. It meant anything was possible, there was adventure around the corner, that my favorite time of the year was here and I was finally, finally happy. Even though I’m now graduated and no longer have “back to school” days to look forward to (and I could write a whole post on that alone), having this anniversary and my post-grad status collide felt a bit unique.

I was a bit sad. But also a bit optimistic. And even though the schedule of my life takes a different form these days, that same swell of energy hit me like before. Waking up today, at the end of a hard August, I found myself actually smiling. I turned to my boyfriend and was like, “Hey. Guess what? September is gonna be my month.”

I plan on sticking to that.

Happy “Nineteen Years Later” anniversary, everybody. ✌🏻


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  • This was a beautifully written post, Sinead! Full of childhood nostalgia as well as looking forward to the future! I was late to the Harry Potter craze, I only ever read the last book but boy did I miss out! It must’ve been lovely to grow up alongside your favourite fictional hero! Thank you for sharing this, I really hope September has been good to you!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Sinéad Schouten

      Hahaha, never too late to start reading! 😂 And lucky for me September as been going great so far, hope it goes the same for youuu

  • Chloe

    Hi, I to always view September as being a time for a fresh start of something new, perhaps its bescause I always have a holiday and feel refreshed and then get that back to school feelings. I hope that September is your month.

    • Sinéad Schouten

      Fresh starts are always awesome (and we can start them whenever we want)!

  • This is a great post honestly. There’s nothing wrong to celebrate about something that reminds us of our childhood. As for me, September used to be my favourite month when I was younger because it’s my birthday month but nowadays, I’m getting older so I’m not that excited anymore, haha. But if you want September to be your month, then it should be your month. Happy “Nineteen Years Later” anniversary, to us Potterheads 🙂 x Ain (www.captaineverland.co.uk)

    • Sinéad Schouten

      There’s something really empowering about realizing that you can make any month “your month” and make it worth getting excited for. Cheers to fall and cheers to us Potterheads! ❤️

  • This post totally gave me all the feels. I didn’t much like school when I was in K-12, but in college I always looked forward to a fresh new year. And fall will always have my heart, along with Harry Potter. Fall is the start of the most wonderful time of year, after all: the Halloween-New Years stretch!


    • Sinéad Schouten

      I totally agree! For sure the best 4 month stretch of the year 👌🏻

  • Kitty Banks

    This post was so lovely! And a little bittersweet. I’m the same as you! This is my first September as long as I can remember that I haven’t been going back to school or university, and it definitely feels weird. I think I’ll always think of September as my own “New Year”, and it’s definitely a time I feel the most ready to take on new challenges!


    • Exactly! I’ve always loved that personal “New Year” feeling. (: It helps that fall is just my favorite season in general (lol) but this time of year always makes me ready for anything