7 twitterbots to make your feed happy

7 twitterbots to make your feed happy

Twitter is my fav social media app, and I think part of it’s because of the culture. If you’re on Twitter you know what I’m talking about. Sure, there’s plenty of crazies like any other site, but there’s so many hidden niches that I always love discovering. And right now? I’m totally obsessed with the cutest little Twitter bots you ever did see.

For those who don’t know: Twitter bots are accounts that are programed to send out automated messages every couple hours. Back in the day I thought the only bots were the annoying ones that send you creepy DMs asking for personal info (#spam). But thank God the world caught up and decided to make something x10000 times better. Take a look at these and let them bless your feed with adorable:

1. little positivity reminders // @tinycarebot

Tiny Care Bot is kinda the OG “self care bot” on Twitter (and made by the fabulous Jonny Sun). The account tweets you reminders throughout the day, ranging from water intake to asking you to wiggle your toes. I love the variety of little comments they come up with and how that keeps things feeling fresh. It’s also so nice how the tweets always say “please” and are asking so politely — I’m a sucker for the details, ok?? (*sniffsniff*)

2. pretty pastel mountains // @softlandscapes

I’d like to take a moment and thank the wonderful world of technology for using its vast resources and knowledge of humanity…to make pretty pixel mountains for my Twitter feed. Idk how they even do it but the Soft Landscapes account generates gentle pastel landscapes that change size, color, etc every day. Some combos are def better than others (and its fun lol’ing at the strange ones). But finding my “favorites” and giving them a like always feels weirdly satisfying, like I’ve stumbled across my own special watercolor painting.

3. hidden pictures // @tinydotbot

Shoutout to anyone who’s taken a random Psych 101 class and inevitably talked about those funky Rorschach tests. This account is pretty much the Twitter version. And even though we all learned that ink blots are pretty much useless when it comes to actual psychology…that doesn’t stop these tweets from being totally addicting??? Some are more “obvious” than others (like the butterfly one up above) but its still fun to have a guessing game with yourself and/or get in a fight with your friend over what the “REAL” answer is.

4. sailor moon throwbacks // @sailormbot

Any Sailor Moon fans? Admittedly I didn’t get to watch as much as I wanted to growing up – I got vetoed by my brother / Dragon Ball Z instead – but I was always in love with those transformation scenes (#classic). They’re shiny. And colorful. And I maybe still want to be a magical space girl even though I’m twenty-freaking-three. If you too wanna relive those anime glory days, hop on over to this account and get your daily dose of Sailor Moon. 10/10 satisfaction guaranteed.

5. pretty pixel skies // @tiny_star_field

Following the space theme… Here’s a few more stars! Try to find your own constellations or just enjoy the randomness — it’s all up to you. The account calls them “star windows” and each tweet is unique. These always seem extra cute when I’m scrolling down my feed at night for some reason. It’s like having your own bit of the night sky on your phone.

6. a personal aquarium // @emojiaquarium

I was pretty far down the Twitter bot rabbit hole when I stumbled across this one, but apparently I’ll always be a sucker for emoji-themed accounts. As you can probably tell from the screenshot, Emoji Aquarium randomizes all your favorite fish and plant emojis to make a tiny little tank for your feed! I’m also the type to get weirdly excited when a “rare” diamond or treasure-themed post pops up. That’s probably a sign I need to get out more (oops) but either way this account is nautically adorable.

7. animal crossing love // @anicrossing

And last but not least… The perfect bot for all your nerdy self-care needs. I’m a total fangirl for Animal Crossing so this had to make my list. And if you’re an AC fan like me, you’ll totally love all the cute GIFs and posts featuring your favorite animals and quiet village life. Honestly I could write a whole post on why Animal Crossing is great for your mental health, but this little bot will do in the meantime! (Spoiler: this is my def my favorite account of the entire list)

Any other Twitter bots you’re in love with? Did you know non-spammy Twitter bots even existed before this post?? (I barely did.) Go show these accounts some love if they caught your eye!


Main image from pexels.com. All other images from their respective Twitter accounts and their creators.
  • Zoe Clark

    These are great suggestions, thank you for writing this post! I also follow @aloebud (who will be releasing an app soon), @gentle and @everydaycarebot ! 🙂

    • Sinéad Schouten

      I LOVE Aloe! I wrote a post on them back when it was just a typeform (https://buff.ly/2yjdXzC) and I’m so happy it’s becoming an app! I’ll have to go check out @gentle though, I don’t think I’ve heard of that one before (: