23 for 23

23 for 23

Wow. Twenty-three. I guess my age doesn’t get a cool Taylor Swift song anymore since, like my roommate said a few months ago, “Twenty-three’s so old. That’s like the point of no return.” (Thx Whitney)

Even though the creep towards my mid-twenties is happening a bit faster than expected, I’m happy to say it’s been going pretty good. And one of those good parts? Starting this blog!

Since I’m kinda new to the blogging scene, I thought I’d celebrate my birthday today with a few fun facts about myself. Extra points if you’re a RL friend and actually know most of these. (; 

  1. It’s a tradition in my family to have Gaelic names, and I was actually almost named Siobhan (sha-von). My parents ended up picking the “easier” name of Sinéad instead, haha
  2. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. Like, annoyingly-complains-during-the-movies-about-how-Ravenclaw’s-colors-are-supposed-to-be-blue-and-bronze-not-blue-and-silver kinda nerd.
  3. I just got my degree in English, but I was kind of the worst English major ever??? I barely ever read but was the queen of absorbing the plot through class discussions. Thanks, fam.
  4. I’ve been with the same lovely guy, Teyvon, for 5 1/2 years now. We started dating senior year of high school! And fun fact within the fun fact: if I had gone to the schools I was “supposed” to go to (aka not private school / a school out of my district) I would have known him since kindergarten. Whoa.
  5. For my college senior project I wrote a short story titled “Orphans.” It’s pretty much about a brother and a sister who are trying to sell the childhood home they inherited from their dysfunctional parents. ~Supernatural hijinks~ ensue. (*gasp*)
  6. I’m a weirdo who just hates chocolate! I only taste the bitterness, none of the sweetness. Ew.
  7. I’m right-handed, but left-footed in soccer.
  8. Speaking of soccer… Despite playing it for 10 years, it actually wasn’t my favorite sport. That award goes to track, where I ran as a sprinter all four years of high school (and for one weird semester of college we don’t really talk about).
  9.  I’m a caffeine addict. I’m exhausted 98% of my life so I always need coffee. But spoiler alert: despite being a #basic blonde blogger girl, I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (ever since they changed the formula). I know. Stop the presses.
  10. I spent all five years of college working at a taco shack on campus. And when I say shack, I mean shack.  Only three people could fit in there at a time.
  11. I come from a massive Irish Catholic family, which means I literally have more cousins than I can keep track of. Like between both sides of my family we’re probably at around 40. It’s wild.
  12. I have a secret Tumblr account with around 30k followers that I haven’t shown to anybody. Low key constantly paranoid that someone I know is going to randomly follow it, haha. Guess its slightly less secret now that I’ve made this bullet point about it, huh?
  13. When I was five I saw a ghost. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it sometime~
  14. I’m way too competitive. About, like, stupid things. Like a drinking game I just learned about 20 seconds ago or some crap. As Drunk Sinéad once infamously confessed to Teyvon, “But babe, I just want to win…everything.”
  15. My first childhood crush was either Disney’s Peter Pan or Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum. It’s a coin flip.
  16. Despite being a total introvert, I joined a sorority during college and I’m now a Kappa Alpha Theta alumna. It was (*cue high pitched Elle Woods voice*) the best decision I’ve ever made. …But like actually, I went from like 5 friends to 200+ it was great.
  17. Roses are my favorite flower. Makes it easy on Valentine’s Day.
  18. Today I’m a fan of white and pastels and floral prints, but back in middle school I was a total Evanescence-obsessed emo kid. I had this one gray sweater I wore almost every day of my life and my first MySpace profile had this gothic dark castle theme (like what).
  19. I’m a little Nintendo fangirl and play my 3DS on the reg. Shoutout to my roommates for still loving me anyways.
  20. I’m horrible with plants and have killed two succulents to date. RIP Alejandro and Alejandro Jr.
  21. Steven Tyler once threw popcorn at me at a country fair. I awkwardly picked up some of the popcorn and brought it back to my dad as “proof” instead of throwing it away like a normal person.
  22. I’m #TeamSansa in Game of Thrones this season. Fight me.
  23. I have no idea where the next few years will take me, but if they magically involve a Seattle apartment and season tickets to the Seahawks, that would be cool thanks.

Andddddd that’s a wrap! Hopefully if you’re new to the blog you now know a little bit more about the face behind the screen. (: Here’s to the coming year!