youtube spotlight | grace fit uk

youtube spotlight | grace fit uk

Behind Twitter (I love you, bae), my second favorite app is YouTube. I watch way more YouTube than TV and I’m happy to pay $10 for YouTube Red each month. …Which is a weird thing to try to explain to people like my dad, who still think YouTube is stuck in 2007 and consists mainly of viral cat videos. 

No, YouTube is much more than that. I love checking in with all my favorite stars / personalities / whatever you want to call them and walking in their shoes for a while. Days you’re feeling lonely? Watch someone give you awesome advice. Days you’re feeling adventurous? Watch someone’s vacation vlog give you total inspiration. 

While I’ve only got a smallish circle of channels I consistently follow (~15), I’ve lately been trying to branch out more. I snooped around YouTube-related forums and found some awesome recommendations. And even though some of these channels have thousands of subscribers, they’re “new” to me and I’d love to share what I’ve been loving.

First at bat: Grace Fit UK.

I stumbled across Grace when a forum poster was talking about young vloggers who are a good influence because they don’t just promote YouTube success, but also doing well in school. I guess that makes sense then why my first video I watched of Grace’s was her studying (or “revising,” as the Brits say) for her finals at Oxford. By the end of the video I’d learned a few study tips and got a glimpse of her approachable, laid back personality. I’ve linked the vid above if you’re curious!

For the record, school isn’t really Grace’s main focus on the channel — as you could probably tell from her username, Grace is majorly into fitness and body building. But maybe that’s part of what I love about her content so much. Not only is she a relatable, funny college girl, but she also lives a balanced life between working out and studying hard. (And it doesn’t hurt that her booty and legs are total #goals, plz teach me ur ways.)

If you’re in a summer slump and need some motivation to go work out, I extra recommend watching some of Grace’s videos! She outlines some great workouts and healthy eating tips. Also, confession time: I’ve literally found myself doing squats by the side of my bed while watching, hahaha (but according to her comments section, I’m not the only one!). Watching Grace get so much accomplished in one day always makes me want to do the same. 

I’ve decided for my YouTube posts I’ll leave a recommended video at the end of my review, so that’s what I’ve gone and posted above! Feel free to check it out if you’re interested in Grace’s channel! Hit me up if you have any recommendations of your own~