fav instagrams

fav instagrams

It might sound weird, but one of the first things I wanted to do after graduation was change up my Insta. I know, I know. Seems mayyyyybe a little superficial. But I took it as a way to show how I was finally entering a new stage of my life…that would hopefully involve less grainy frat basement pics.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Insta themes anyway. But with my new goal in mind I’ve been combing through new feeds more than ever. Work on my own page is still in the brainstorm stages, but I thought I’d share a few of the awesome finds I’ve stumbled across in the meantime:


I first found Hannah while looking through tags of Seattle-area photographers, and I’ve honestly been in love ever since! A lot of PNW Instas go for the moody, overcast colors, but Hannah’s feed is so bright and colorful that it instantly makes me happy. She always knows how to find such interesting angles too. Each day is like a little Candyland paradise.


Lucy is a British blogger who also has an amazing Insta. Her clean, calm colors are always on point and I love seeing her travel pics from across Europe. She’s only 18 but obviously has a ton of talent (and a camera I’ve very jealous of)! I also know its not easy to stick to such a strict white theme, so props to her for being able to keep it up.


Victoria is a chemistry student who has the most beautiful, colorful notes on the planet. I follow a lot of studyblrs over on Tumblr, but there’s something special about all the happy colors on Victoria’s Insta. Looking at all her sticker sheets and organized planners always makes me want to get my own life together! Each post is another little dose of motivation.


Honestly, if I could steal anyone’s feed, Hannah’s would probably be the first on my list. She’s a blogger from Nashville that always has the most calm, perfect tones in every photo. Since white and light blue are my favorite theme colors, her feed is like everything in one package! It’s also nice seeing someone my age putting out the kind of content I’m aiming for. Gotta just keep working at it!


McKel’s Insta definitely isn’t a secret, since I think right now she’s over 200k followers. But that doesn’t stop me from being totally in love with her posts! All those bright colors and beautiful food shots are everything I could want from a food blogger. She has a new book out too, so if you’re into healthy eating you can check that out as well! In the meantime, I’ll be over here looking at that avocado toast and wishing it was on my kitchen table… Ugh.

Fingers crossed that someday my own Insta can be half as good as these! Hope you liked my little round up though, and if you have any feeds you’ve been loving lately feel free to send them my way~



  • Sondra Singleton

    Those Instas are adorable! I just added some new ones to my list to follow. And I seriously want some avocado toast now. 😉 I have a few favorites as well but I always think this one is set up super clever:


    • Sinéad Schouten

      Aww, glad I could help you find some great new people to follow! And I also really like when companies do those coordinated layouts. They must take so much work!