review | animal crossing: pocket camp

    Back in 2004, when GameCubes were new and amazing, little 4th grade me used to sneak downstairs in the early, early morning. I was only allowed a few video game hours a day (anyone else have that too?) so I’d “beat the system” by waking up before my parents. Ninety percent of the time, the game I’d play at 5-something a.m. was the original Animal Crossing. I still think the game’s early morning music is so soft and perfect.

    Long story short: Animal Crossing, like, speaks to my soul. I’m obsessed. And Pocket Camp happened to come out on my one day off from work. I saw on Twitter that the app was “leaked” early and I basically lunged across the bed for my charger and phone. Cleaning the bedroom? Doing laundry? Feeding myself something more than just Cheez-Its? No thank you. I just snuggled under the covers and started tapping away at every cute animal friend in sight Goldie, plz love me.

    It’s been about a month now since Pocket Camp came out, and in the time that’s passed I’ve gotten a good feel for the game. Putting together my fangirl heart and analyst brain, here’s a few spoiler-free pros and cons!

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